Allegations Of Criminal Sexual Assault, Official Misconduct, Stalking & Criminal Battery

Lying Jack Franks Doing More Than Just Legislating As State Representative in Springfield.

In January 2020, the Chicago Sun Times Reported that Illinois State Police had executed a search warrant at Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s capitol office as part of sexual misconduct and stalking investigation of Lying Jack Franks.

A complaint was received by the Speaker’s Office in November 2018 about alleged sexual harassment involving an employee of the speaker’s office and Lying Jack Franks. The allegations date back to 2016 when Lying Jack Franks was presumably plotting to vacate his State Representative seat in order to run for McHenry County Board Chair position.

The police asserted “probable cause exists for the crimes of criminal sexual abuse, criminal sexual assault, official misconduct, stalking and aggravated battery.” Illinois State Police requested files containing information related to allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct by Lying Jack Franks. The warrant also asked for “reports or complaints related to sexual misconduct, harassment, stalking or other misconduct” by Lying Jack Franks.

In April 2020 Edgar County Watchdogs released a FOIA document they received from the Illinois State Police. A Capitol Police Patrol Alert notice which included Lying Jack Franks’ picture stated that Lying Jack Franks “is to be escorted at all times if he should come to the Capitol and adjoining Capitol Complex Buildings. Notify a supervisor immediately if Franks is observed."

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