Lying Jack Franks Accused of Threatening County Board Members

The good government advocates at Edgar County Watchdogs are relentless in their pursuit to put an end to corrupt politicians and their improper actions and practices.

McHenry County Chairman, Lying Jack Franks and his unscrupulous actions are not immune to the scrutiny from the John Kraft and Kirk Allen.

During the public comment portion of the September 19th, 2017 McHenry County Board meeting (at 24:28 mark), John Kraft stated,

"Mr. Franks at the last meeting I attended you made a pronouncement that some board members were participating in an illegal meeting and wanted them charged. You also seem to have a habit of threatening board members in order to get your way with them.

Threats by a Public Official can be considered intimidation and punished as such. Intimidation is a Class 3 Felony in Illinois if prosecuted and convicted.

One of the definitions of intimidation is taking action as a Public Official against anyone or anything, in an official capacity. Just remember that.

You are no longer in Springfield and hopefully never will be again. The strong arm tactics that you’ve used there do not work at the local level and cannot be allowed to continue or work at the local level. It does not work."

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