Northwest Herald--Party to Lying Jack Franks' Political Ambitions

Many in McHenry County realize the complete liberal bias of our County's only local newspaper.

How long has Lying Jack Franks been doting political favors to Shaw Media/Northwest Herald employees?

Political writer Kevin Craver has been commending Lying Jack Franks in news articles since Lying Jack Franks was State Representative. This, despite Lying Jack Franks' record of voting in favor of appointing Mike Madigan as Speaker of the Illinois House 9 times, in addition to numerous no-votes on tough issues, and Lying Jack Franks' writing meaningless legislation meant only to capture news headlines. Voters in McHenry County now realize why Kevin Craver has had a complete absence of unbiased opinion when it comes to Lying Jack Franks! Lying Jack Franks dangled the carrot of a cushy government job in front of Kevin Craver's nose!

This is the same taxpayer funded government job that Lying Jack Franks awarded as a patronage job to a political campaign worker!

Longtime McHenry County Resident and Republican Precinct Bill Matteson even took the time to write a letter revealing the Northwest Herald burring a story that was against Lying Jack Franks.

The bias from Northwest Herald employees has not been limited to just writers, but editors as well!

During a letter to the editor campaign in favor of Michael Walkup's candidacy for County Board Chairman against Lying Jack Franks, many people who submitted letters complained of Editor Daniel McCaleb's bias toward Lying Jack Franks. Dan McCaleb also heavily edited letters submitted criticizing Lying Jack Franks.

Is it coincidence that in January 2017, Daniel McCaleb was announced as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Pioneer Center?

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