Taxpayer Funded Lobbyists-A Broken Campaign Promise

During Lying Jack Franks' campaign Lying Jack Franks held five "town halls' where Lying Jack Franks made many campaign promises.

One promise Lying Jack Franks made was:

"We are not going to hire lobbyists anymore with your tax dollars."

Lying Jack Franks can't even keep that simple promise.

During the March 7th, 2017 Law and Government Committee meeting, hiring a lobbyist was on the agenda.

At this point, we realize who is really setting committee meeting agendas (in the back room with Peter Austin) despite lack of authority to do so--Lying Jack Franks.

"I think Chairman Franks would like to give this a good look" (at 1:41:45) was Administrator Austin's reply when questioned about Lying Jack Franks' campaign promise.

And we all understand Peter Austin is kowtowing Lying Jack Franks' every request.

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