Patronage Hires--Lying Jack Franks' cronies starting to infiltrate McHenry County Government

Ollie and Bridg are 2 former Lying Jack Franks campaign workers and most recently worked for Illinois Democrats.

Lying Jack Franks rewarded their years of "service" by hiring them in a manner that completely circumvents management and oversight processes and protocols in McHenry County Government.

These two hires by Lying Jack Franks, if approved, could open the flood gates for political, patronage and payback hires.

Here's a brief tally:

1. The hirings violated McHenry County Policy (see Salary Administration Policy page 60-65)

2. The hirings completely circumvented Human Resources

3. The hirings were not approved by the County Board

4.The County Board Chairman has no powers granted as an "Elected Official" in Illinois State Law ((55 ILCS 5/) Counties Code Article 3)

5. The County Board Chairman has no powers granted as an "Elected Official" in the County Board Policy Manual

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