Tally of Lying Jack Franks' Campaign Promises

Career politicians like Lying Jack Franks make numerous promises in order to get elected.

Voters should have a tool to hold politicians accountable for their promises, and should ensure Lying Jack Franks is held accountable at the polls in 2020. This posting is here to keep track of promises and statements made during Lying Jack Franks' six month campaign for county chair.

"I will fundamentally change the structure of government."

We are going to have a binding referendum and we are going to reduce the size of the county board and go to single member districts, and at the same time we will do term limits for the chairman

Cut the county board committees in half--and have entire legislative days

I plan on putting a term limit for the county board chairman of 2 terms, and pass that soon after I am elected

We will discuss term limits for rank and file county board members

I will look into making the county board races nonpartisan

Will seek to fundamentally reform and restructure our government by seeking cooperation, consolidation and elimination of units of government that are not cost effective or don't provide a unique service to taxpayers.

Look at new township boundaries

Have property tax assessments be more uniform

Consolidate school districts into one countywide district to get rid of layers of administration

We need to get the permits and things to make people be able to grow their businesses done quickly and without red tape and we ought to cut the fees

"Cut local property taxes by at least 10 percent"

We are going to spend 10% less at the county level

Go to zero based budgeting--there will be total transparency and accountability; every line item is going to have to be defended

Look at some of the contracts and who our vendors are; I've asked for the vendor list for the county and I want to make sure we are getting a good deal and that the contracts are appropriate and maybe they need to be rebid again

We won't be cutting services, we will be delivering them better and cheaper Put $650,000 more per year in services for Mental Health Board by paying off debt by 2018 and reducing costs

We will discuss health care costs for all employees

We will be addressing ending healthcare benefits for County Board and County Board Chair

Support a zero levy for Valley Hi Nursing Home

"I would never increase the daily room rate at Valley Hi."

Take away the automatic budget increases for Consumer Price Index

Try to implement tax abatement for seniors and maybe take off a portion of their tax bill

Look at efficiencies at every county agency and work with each one to cut costs

We are not going to hire lobbyists anymore with your tax dollars

Will fire every lobbyist who spends your taxpayer money to keep your property taxes artificially high

"We will build a culture of accountability and responsibility and will root out waste and fraud."

Everyone will be held accountable, including myself

We should televise meetings

Make the County Board do the tough votes

I want to change the culture at the county to be service oriented and remember that taxpayers are their clients.

"I don't have a problem with honest disagreements. I do have a problem with "gotcha politics," so the people playing that game, I'm going to tell the truth on them."

We are going to hold the management of Valley Hi accountable for the scabies outbreak

I going to bring in experts to give presentations to our members about bonding authorities and finance and those types of things. I certainly think that we ought to be doing that with our school districts.

I will continue to have town hall meetings; I want to hear what people are thinking, I want people to be more engaged

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