"Cut 10 Plan" - One Big HOAX

Lying Jack Franks thinks he can dupe voters into believing Lying Jack Franks can cut our entire property tax bills 10%.

TRUTH: McHenry County’s tax levy is only 10% of our ENTIRE tax bill. The McHenry County Board does not have power over every taxing body in McHenry County.

When questioned about the validity of his promise, Lying Jack Franks touts cooperation with other taxing bodies to reduce our tax bills.

THE REALITY: Not a single one of the local mayors and village presidents endorsing Lying Jack Franks’ campaign have joined Cut 10 in favor of reducing their tax levies. School districts, library boards and townships have not stepped up to Cut 10 either.

Why then, Lying Jack Franks, do you still promote these falsehoods?

Lying Jack Franks thinks McHenry County residents are too ignorant to realize the lie behind Lying Jack Franks’ Cut 10!

Lying Jack Franks’ “petition” to Cut10 was merely used to collect contact information on unsuspecting residents.

Democratic candidates for county board including Kathleen Bergan Schmidt and Kathryn Potter are skeptical.

When questioned at the October 3rd League of Women Voters forum, some Democrats did not believe in Cut 10. Kathryn Potter, candidate for County Board District 1, professed “arbitrarily cutting taxes just to cut taxes is irresponsible.” Kathleen Bergan Schmidt, Democrat from District 3 believes county government "has been running pretty lean."

Even the Northwest Herald is changing the reporting on Cut 10.

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