Lying Jack Franks' Flip Flop on Term Limits

Lying Jack Franks started his political pursuits with what could be the MOST IMPORTANT LIE of Lying Jack Franks' career.

In 1998 Lying Jack Franks pledged to serve only three terms during his first run for state representative.

Lying Jack Franks defeated his incumbent opponent by a slim margin of 138 votes.

Lying Jack Franks tells voters he broke his term limit promise because his constituents wanted him to turn into a career politician and run again.

Lying Jack Franks was so concerned about losing his seat after breaking his term limit guarantee that Democrats tried to plant a candidate in the Republican primary in 2004.

McHenry County Republicans did not run a candidate against Lying Jack Franks in 2006, 2008 or 2012.

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