Two Faced on Gerrymandering

Lying Jack Franks says he is for redistricting reform,

but Lying Jack Franks' record proves otherwise.

In 2010, Lying Jack Franks' Republican opponent received more votes than Lying Jack Franks in some precincts of Burton Township.

Lying Jack Franks and Mike Madigan gerrymandered the boundaries of the 63rd District in 2011 to remove precincts in which Jack was vulnerable.

2001 district map

2011 gerrymandered map

2011 Redistric vote

Jack voted in favor of Madigan’s

gerrymandered map for the General Assembly in 2011.

In 2013 Mike Madigan gained

a supermajority in the House.

But…but…but… Lying Jack Franks will say he believes in redistricting reform.

That’s why he filed his redistricting amendment on 4/14/16 in the Illinois House.

Lying Jack Franks said “these guys didn’t draft it right. That’s why I ran my fair maps amendment.”

Jack we know you’re lying to us again.

The Independent Map Amendment started it’s roll out in April of 2015 .

Why did Lying Jack Franks wait until April 2016 to file his amendment?

To ensure voters could not vote for redistricting reform in November 2016.

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