Election Fraud Just Like the DNC

Obama, Bean & Lying Jack Franks

Lying Jack Franks is a super-delegate to Hillary Clinton, and Lying Jack Franks takes lessons from the Democratic National Committee when it comes to rigging elections to maintain power.

Democrat Lying Jack Franks has tried TWICE to protect his representative seat by planting opponents in the Republican primary race.

Quad Cities Reader Article

In 2003 Ed Beard collected signatures to run in the Republican primary race for 63rd District state representative.

Beard was accused of being a plant for Democrats in an attempt to ensure a third term win for Lying Jack Franks.


Beard denied being a plant, but withdrew from the race in January 2004.

Fast forward to 2016.

Lying Jack Franks and the Democrats planted Jeffrey Lichte in the 2016 Republican primary to protect Lying Jack’s state representative seat.

Even the Northwest Herald was skeptical

of Lichte’s candidacy with the surmounting

evidence proving otherwise.

A Google maps picture of Jeffery Lichte’s house showed a Lying Jack Franks campaign sign on Lichte’s lawn.

A photo of Jeffery Lichte shows him wearing a Lying Jack Franks hat at the July 24, 2016 McHenry Fiesta Days parade.

Lichte also had no campaign signs (even own his own lawn), no campaign website, no campaign flyers, and no photo of himself in the campaign, only a questionnaire that was filled out for a newspaper.

Of the signature gatherers to get Jeffery Lichte placed on the ballot, all were from outside McHenry County except for Jeffery Lichte himself.

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